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____________________|Movement (windows, pages, rows)|____________________

1. scroll up/down to one row Alt+Up/Down
2. Word left Ctrl+ <-
3. Word right Ctrl+ - >
4. Select all (only in message body) Ctrl+A
5. To the beginning of the row Home
6. To the end of the row End
7. Up to one screen height (in message body) PageUp
8. Down to one screen height (in message body) PageDown
9. To the beginning of the page (in message body) Ctrl+PageUp
10. To the first header field (when cursor in headers) Ctrl+PageUp
11. To the end of the page (in message body) Ctrl+PageDown
12. To the last header field (when cursor in headers) Ctrl+PageDown
13. To the beginning of the text Ctrl+Home
14. To the first header field(when cursor in headers) Ctrl+Home
15. To the end of the text Ctrl+End
16. To the last header field (when cursor in headers) Ctrl+End

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1. Uppercase the WORD Ctrl+[
2. Lower case the word Ctrl+]
3. Change the register of the letters of a wORD Ctrl+\
4. Capatalize the Word Ctrl+/

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____________________|Blocks, Rows|____________________

1. Justify the block or paragraph Alt+J
2. Align the block on right end Alt+R
3. Align the block on left end Alt+L
4. Align the block on center Alt+C
5. Switch block type to stream Ctrl+O K
6. Switch block type to column Ctrl+O C
7. Switch block type to linear Ctrl+O L
8. Mark the current word Ctrl+K T
9. Mark the current row Ctrl+K L
10. Toggle insert/overwrite mode Ins
11. Delete the block Ctrl+Del   Ctrl+K Y
12. Copy block to clipboard Ctrl+Ins   Ctrl+K   C Ctrl+C   Ctrl+Q C
13. Paste block from clipboard Shift+Ins   Ctrl+K V   Ctrl+V
14. Move the block to the right Ctrl+K I
15. Move the block to the left Ctrl+K U
16. Cut the block Shift+Del   Ctrl+X
17. Paste the block as quotation Alt+Ins
18. Mark the beginning of a block Ctrl+K B
19. Mark the end of a block Ctrl+K K
20. Toggle the mark of the block Ctrl+K H
21. Read the block from file Ctrl+K R
22. Write the block to a file Ctrl+K W
23. delete the current line Ctrl+Y
24. Delete to the end of line Ctrl+Q Y
25. Place a position marker on the text Ctrl+K n   (n=0..9)
26. Go to a marker Ctrl+Q n   (n=0..9)
27. New row Enter
28. Delete character on the left Backspace   Ctrl+H
29. Delete character on the right Del   Ctrl+G
30. Delete the word after cursor Ctrl+T
31. Delete the word before cursor Ctrl+Backspace
32. Undo Alt+Backspace
33. Column selection Alt+mouse
34. Stream selection Shift+mouse
35. Line selection Ctrl+mouse

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Note:The last two (not functional) keys in some shortcuts with 3 keys need to be pressed rather quickly.


1. Search for a string F7   Ctrl+F   Ctrl+Q F   F3   Ctrl+L
2. Repeat last search Shift+F7   F3 Ctrl+L
3. Search and replace Ctrl+F7   Ctrl+Q A
4. Reverse search Alt+F7

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1. Send message deferred/immediately (depending on accountsettings) F2   Ctrl+Enter
2. Send message, but inverting the option defineing whether to send deferred/immediately Shift+F2
3. Save message and continue editing Ctrl+S
4. Save message as... Ctrl+F2
5. Save as... Alt+F5
6. Save draft Alt+F2
7. Cancel message Esc

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1. Insert current date Ctrl+Q D
2. Insert current time Ctrl+Q T
3. Attach UUE file Alt+PgDn
4. Attach MIME file Alt+PgUp
5. Select all Ctrl+A
6. Check spelling F4
7. Automatic spell checking Ctrl+F4
8. Autoformat text (while typing) Ctrl+Shift+F
9. New row at end of line (autowrap) Ctrl+Shift+W
10. Justify on autowrap Ctrl+Shift+J
11. Evaluate (calculator) Shift+Ctrl+=

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1. Address book Shift+Enter (while in From:, To:, etc)
2. Local menue Alt+Enter Right mouse click (while in From:, To:, etc)
3. Next field from a history Ctrl+Alt+Enter
4. Complete the address from the address book Ctrl+Plus (while in From:, To:, etc)
5. Move to another address field Arrows   Tab/Shift+Tab (while in From:, To:, etc)
6. Move to message edit window Tab while in the last field (Subject: )
7. History of the field Alt+Down (while in From:, To:, etc)
8. Move to the one of the From:, To:, etc field Shift+Tab
9. Insert quick template Ctrl+Space


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----------Message List Window----------


1. Open ("folder view") Enter
2. Reply Ctrl+Enter   Ctrl+F5   Ctrl+R
3. Reply, quoting selected text F4
4. Reply without quotation Shift+F4
5. Reply to sender Ctrl+F4
6. Find reply to message Ctrl+Backspace
7. Reply to all Ctrl+Shift+F5
8. Forward Ctrl+F   Shift+F5
9. Alternative forward (inverting the "Use MIME-fowarding" option) Alt+F6
10. Redirect Ctrl+E   Ctrl+F6
11. Re-post Shift+F6
12. Copy to folder Ctrl+C
13. Move to folder Ctrl+V
14. Save the message as... Ctrl+S   Alt+F5
15. Delete Del
16. Mark as unread Ctrl+U
17. Mark as read Ctrl+M
18. Park the message Ctrl+J
19. Unpark the message Ctrl+D
20. Move to the next unread message Ctrl+]
21. Move to the previous unread message Ctrl+[
22. Add sender to the address book Ctrl+W
23. Add recipient to the address book Ctrl+Shift+W
24. Delete sender from the address book Ctrl+B
25. Delete recipient from the address book Ctrl+Shift+B
26. Create filter Ctrl+Shift+F
27. Next page of message / next message if already at the end of a message and pressed twice Space
28. Scroll up/down to one row Alt+Up/Down
Sort by:
29. Received time Ctrl+1
30. Creation time Ctrl+2
31. Size Ctrl+3
32. From Ctrl+4
33. To Ctrl+5
34. Subject Ctrl+6
35. Message flags Ctrl+7
36. Attachment presence Ctrl+8
37. Parking/draft flag Ctrl+9
38. Decending order Ctrl+0

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1. With well known effects :) Plus/Minus   Ctrl+Space   Shift+Space   Alt+Space
2. Open/close the branch of the current thread in a folder Right Arrow/Left Arrow
3. Open/close all the branches of the current thread in a folder Ctrl+(Shift)+Plus/Minus
4. Open all the branches of all threads in a folder Ctrl+*
5. Copy thread Ctrl+T
6. Move thread Ctrl+Shift+V
7. Delete thread Ctrl+Shift+Del
8. Mark thread as read Ctrl+Shift+M
9. Mark thread as unread Ctrl+Shift+U

View threads by:

10. None Alt+0
11. References Alt+1
12. Subject Alt+2
13. From Alt+3
14. To Alt+4

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1. Message (de)selection Ctrl+Up/Down
2. Select all Ctrl+A
3. Message selection Shift+Up/Down
4. Select from the cursor position to the end (in EDITOR as well) Shift+End
5. Select from the beginning to the cursor position (in EDITOR as well) Shift+Home
6. Select from the cursor position to the beginning of the page (in EDITOR as well) Shift+PgUp
7. Select from the cursor position to the end of the page (in EDITOR as well) Shift+PgDN
8. Thats a combination of previous shortcuts Shift+Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn/End/Home

9. Scroll right/left to one field Alt+Right/Left
10. Up to one screen height PgDn
11. Down to one screen height PgUp
12. To the beginning of the message list Home     Ctrl+K
13. To the end of the message list End

The last 4 ones can be used along with pressed Ctrl key - with same result

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----------MESSAGE LIST WINDOW----------

Most of all shortcuts in the previous window work here as well

1. Reply to all Ctrl+Shift+Enter

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----------ACCOUNT TREE----------

1. Create new message F5   Ctrl+N
2. Create new folder Ins
3. Empty folder Ctrl+Del
4. Properties Ctrl+Enter
5. Folder Scrolling Ctrl+Up/Down
6. Search for unlisted folders    AKL Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L
7. Mark all messages in the current folder as read Ctrl+M

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----------ADDRESS BOOK----------

1. Open address book Ctrl+O
2. Create new contact Ctrl+T
3. Create new group Ctrl+G
4. Cut Ctrl+X
5. Copy Ctrl+C
6. Insert Ctrl+V
7. Properties Ctrl+Enter
8. Create a message Shift+Enter
9. Refresh F5
10. LDAP search F7

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1. Edit quick templates Ctrl+Shift+Q
2. View log Ctrl+Shift+A
3. Show/hide message header Ctrl+Shift+H
4. Show/hide kludges Ctrl+Shift+K
5. Show/hide log panel Ctrl+Shift+L
6. Message auto-view Ctrl+Shift+M
7. Mail ticker auto-view Ctrl+Shift+T
8. Address auto-view Ctrl+Shift+O
9. Toggle full/short menu    LK Ctrl+Shift+Alt+/
10. Message search F7
11. Address book F8
12. Set account access password Ctrl+F12
13. Account properties Ctrl+Shift+P
14. Get new mail F2
15. Send queued mail Shift+F2
16. Check mail for all accounts Alt+f2   mouse click on Shift+ "get new mail"
17. Send queued mail for all accounts Shift+Alt+F2   mouse click on Shift+ "send queued mail"
18. Dispatch all messages on server Ctrl+Shift+F2
19. Dispatch only new messages on server Ctrl+F2
20. To the next window (account tree, message list window, message view window) Tab
21. To the attach tabs Ctrl+(Shift)+Tab
22. Menu F10
23. Local menu Alt+F10
24. Switch to another window Alt+F6
25. Exit Alt+X
26. About Alt+F1
27. Add a filtering string while in Sorting Office Alt+Ins
28. Smart Bat F6
29. Edit Shortcuts Alt+F12

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----------MOUSE SHORTCUTS----------

1. Filter out all messages with same field (From:, To:, Subject:, etc) Alt+mouse click on a field (From:, To:, Subject:, etc)
2. Undo that filter Ctrl+=, Esc
3. Change folder position   DG Alt+mouse
4. Move a folder inside another folder   DG Alt+Ctrl+mouse
5. Select a few messages (elective selection) Ctrl+mouse
6. Copy message Ctrl+drag 'n' drop
7. Invoke setup columns dialog Right click on the column header of the message list

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Original from:   Dmitry Potapenko <>
>With the additions from:
Dmitriy Gradskov
Garry V. Dorohin
Andrew K. Lovetski
Lena Kokoulina
Peter Palmreuther
HTML conversion:   John Seymour

Created on ... June 22, 2001