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Important things to know about the TB lists
by Allie C. Martin
The Bat!
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The moderation team and all subscribers to this list wish you a warm welcome and hope that you do, and continue to, find this list useful. Please note that this list is neither hosted, maintained nor moderated by Ritlabs, but instead by registered users of The Bat! as yourself. The moderation team therefore has no inside knowledge on TB!'s development. Neither can we influence TB!'s development path more than other users.

Page Contents:

  1. The list FAQs
  2. How to contact the moderation team concerning list matters.
  3. Beta testing - joining the TBBETA team
  4. The TBUDL list archives
  5. Unsubscribing or Adjusting your Subscription
  6. TBDEV - a list for even more technical discussions concerning writing TB! plugins
  7. Off-topic discussions and TBOT
  8. Other useful links

Further to what is outlined here, there are also the TBUDL, TBBETA and TBDEV list welcome messages. We encourage you to review it to augment the information on this page, as well as to review the list rules which we expect will be adhered to at all times.

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The List FAQ's

The list FAQ's are hosted and maintained by Marck Pearlstone, one of the list moderators. It was written and published using the thought organising tool BrainStorm , also authored by him. :) Please check the FAQ pages before asking questions on the list. A lot of useful information may be found there and a lot of commonly asked questions on the list are answered there.

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Contacting the Moderation Team

If you wish to contact the moderators concerning list matters please do so here.

By doing so, all moderators will receive a copy of your concern/request which will in turn make you more likely to receive a timely response from one of us. Please do not send messages requesting help concerning TB! to the moderation team address.

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Beta testing - joining the TBBETA team

In order to get involved in beta testing new versions of The Bat! you have to subscribe to the TBBETA mailing list. New betas are announced there and bugs are discussed there before using the bug reporting (BugTraq) system.

Use the TBBETA archives to catch up on the latest beta information and locations.

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The TB List Archives

The TBUDL list archive, the TBBETA list archive and the TBDEV list archive are held on the list servers since 2023-10-09.

For older messages, the old TBUDL list archive, the old TBBETA list archive and the old TBDEV list archive are maintained by the free service, The Mail Archive. We therefore have no influence over how it works. You can find out more about how it works by reading their FAQ.

Many discussions are repeated on the lists so we suggest using the archives to help get early support for your TB! issues.

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Unsubscribing or Adjusting your Subscription

If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your subscription page by clicking the one of the buttons below:

Change my
Change my TBUDL Subscription
TBUDL Subscription
  Change my
Change my TBBETA Subscription
TBBETA Subscription
  Change my
Change my TBDEV Subscription
TBDEV Subscription

You may also manipulate your subscription options by sending commands via e-mail to the list server. For a list of the supported commands and how to use them, please send a help request message to the list server.


Your password for adjusting your subscription is provided at the end of your welcome message. Please memorize it or keep it somewhere easily accessible for use.

If you are still having problems with adjusting your subscription, please send a message to the moderation team where your change may be done manually.

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TBDEV (The Bat! Developers Discussion List)

With the advent of TB! v 1.63, plug-in development is now an issue for TB subscribers. We therefore decided to add an even more technical discussion list called TBDEV where plug-in developers can chat with users and the TB developers to implement, test and improve new facilities for TB!.

If you wish to subscribe there, you can do so by using the subscribe button.

TBDEV Subscribe
TBDEV Subscribe

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Off-Topic Discussions and TBOT

TBUDL is a moderated list and part of the moderation effort is to keep discussions on topic. However, list members often wish to discuss non-TB! related issues with other members who are also very knowledgeable about computers and computing in general.

Not to worry. The yahoogroups discussion list, TBOT (The Bat! Off-Topic), was created for this purpose and everyone is free to join. This list is basically unmoderated and discussions on any topic are welcome there.

You may subscribe to TBOT by using the button below.

TBOT Subscribe
TBOT Subsribe

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Other Useful Links

Further to what is outlined here, there are also the TBUDL, TBBETA and TBDEV list welcome messages. We encourage you to review it to augment the information on this page, as well as to review the list rules which we expect will be adhered to at all times.

  1. Subscribe to TBBETA to discuss beta related issues.

  2. The list rules, outlined in the list welcome message, are based on established list 'netiquette' which may also be reviewed in RFC1855.

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