• Marck was born in 1956 and grew up in East London
  • He started piano lessons aged 6
  • He got his first guitar for his 7th birthday
  • He wrote his first song aged 11
  • He went to Wanstead High School where played in bands and had a great time
  • Until the school acquired a computer in 1973, when Marck promptly vanished in a puff of logic
  • First programs written in C&G Assembler and Autocode on an Elliott 803b which had a 39 bit word and ate punched tape
  • First Job: IBM 360 System Operator at Trebor Sharp in Woodford Green, 1975
  • First Programming Job: PL/1 on IBM 370/158 at LEB Elephant & Castle, 1976
  • First Amateur Stage Appearance: "Hair" at the Kenneth Moore Theatre, Ilford, 1977
  • First Microcomputer experience: IBM 5110 Basic for System Resources, Coventry, 1977
  • First Freelance experience: Apple II for Computech Systems, Finchley Road 1978
  • In 1981, Marck joined and led the team which developed the now infamous "The Last One" project to create the world's first program generator
  • In 1984, he was co-founder of Datasoft and stayed there for over 10 years as technical director alongside his friend and colleague John Clifford
  • In 1989 Saskia, his first child, was born
  • In 1990 Brynley, his second child, was born
  • In 1992 Merrick, his third child, was born
  • In 1994 he left Datasoft and resumed his Freelance career but calling himself a Consultant Software Engineer now (sheesh!)
  • In 1994 Jack, his stepson, was born
  • In 1995 he met Trevor Hilder and worked on the Spar project
  • In 1996 he met Mark Westlake and formed a strong musical partnership
  • In 1997 Marck and Mark formed HTFib as a band to play their original music
  • In 1999 Marck suffered a heart attack, from which he has bounded back
  • In 1996 he met Mark Westlake and formed a strong musical partnership
  • In 2005 Marck began working with Trevor Hilder again on some .NET projects
  • In 2006 HTFib began recording their first proper album

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