I've always had a passion for music and things musical. I learnt to play piano from age 6 (lapsed) and guitar from age 7 (still playing!). I wrote my first song aged 11 (it was rubbish, but what do you expect?).

I started my first band soon after I wrote my second song (still 11 - the band was also rubbish). Throughout my years at Wanstead High School there were bands, rehearsals, gigs, rock contests, recording studios all of improving quality over the passing of time.

At the age of 20, I discovered the blues harp and suddenly found out what 'feel' and 'swing' really mean.
Many of the guys I played with at school are 'out there' and making a living.

After moving to Somerset in 1981, I sought a musical soul-mate to replace the relationship I had enjoyed in London with Steve Fletcher (half of Bardo - the UK 1983 Euro-Song entry, keyboard player for the late / great Penguin Cafe Orchestra). This search remained in vain until, at the end of 1996, I met Mark Westlake while working on music for a Broadway Amateur Theatre Society production. I was MD, he played guitar.

Early in January 1997, once the show was over, Mark and I sat down in my little studio / office (the cupboard under the stairs at Silverstones, my then Ilminster home) and penned our first co-written song ... the first of many.

In January 1997 we formed a band which we decided to call H.T. Fib.

Please visit the HTFib web site if you want to know more.

Since 2005, I have been playing harmonica, quitar, vocals and percussion with a very talented poet called Marie Stanbury (aka Mar ni Chrehan).

In 2008, we were joined by Seb Truman, and we now call ourselves Lecaila.

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