At first, my absurd passion for chasing across fields, up hills, under undergrowth, through various dense forests in the deep damp Somerset autumn countryside for a morsel of fungal breakfast was given the name 'Gastro-Mycology'. After several meaningful e-discussions with Steve Pencall (editor of "Spore Print", the journal of the Los Angeles Mycological Society), he said to me, "No, it's called mycophagy: Myco - fungus, phage - eater, you know.".

I stand ever corrected.

Treasures of the forest trails

I have a new-found love affair with digital photography. I have found a good use for this passion, in capturing some of the lovely specimins I uncover on my long walks in the special places I know in the Somerset countryside. These places include Neroche Forest, the Chard Reservoir Nature Reserve and Herne Hill in my home town of Ilminster.

I would like to share some of the more interesting and attractive shots with you. Hope you like.

Oyster Mushrooms Chanterelles Shaggy Ink Cap
Oyster Mushrooms
Pleurotus Ostreatus
Cantherellus Cibarius
Shaggy Ink Cap
Coprinus Comatus
Ear Mushrooms Cauliflower Mushroom Chicken of the Woods
Judas' (Jews) Ear
Auricula Auricularia Judae
Cauliflower Mushroom
Sparassis Crispa
Chicken of the Woods
Laetioporus Sulphureus
Parasol Mushrooms Velvet Shank
Parasol Mushroom
Lepiota Rhacodes
Velvet Shank
Flammulina Velutipes

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